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Today I take my old webpage and put it back to internet at psobieraj.peter-sobieraj.com. Maybe somebody will find it useful. Most parts of that page is in polish only. I was using that wepage to publish useful mathematics materials for friends during studies. Every student have access to university server by SSH, and place for his webpages, mails and other stuff. I was only one who know about that. So I have all space at server for my webpage. There was 4 version of that website. At the begin there was only index.html with links to scaned materialis. Soon I start writing my own versions of proofs. I was puting it there in separated html files. When I find out that google know about my site I start puting "back to index" link to every file. During vacation when I have more time I decide to create menu for my site. The problem was the server do not have PHP, or any thing like that. I also don't want to use JS or Frames so google will see webpage correct. So I write in C++ program witch read every html file in my webpage, replace special strings like __MENU__ with content of special files like menu.html. Before every exam I was adding few theorems, and with every change I need to run program with read and write every file, and copy it all to server. And it always taks a lot of time. I also missed some PHP functions in my site. So I come up with another idea. I rewrite my webpage in PHP in that way so every time somebody reload it, it save copy of html to special directory. And I write in C++ special program witch every night check is there was any change at webpage, and if ther was it copy files form my computer to server. I'm not going to update it any more since I have that blog. At the moment university server is down, so my webpage isn't visible there. Before server go down site was visible at unix.math2.us.edu.pl/~psobieraj/
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