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Moving to new server

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Today I have moved all my project form old server hosted by nazwa.pl, to new server hosted by linuxpl.com.
I also change domains for most of them.
peter-sobieraj.com - my blog.
spirits.ca7.eu - MMORTS game (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game).
save-game.ca7.eu - portal with game saves.
katarzyna-wojcik.ca7.eu - Home page of my auntie - translating polish - german.

mysql sum error

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Today I was fighting with strange error.
  3. -- ...
  4. (
  5. (SELECT SUM(t.v)
  6. FROM tab1 t
  7. )
  8. +
  9. (SELECT SUM(t.v)
  10. FROM tab2 t
  11. )
  12. ) AS x
  13. -- ...
Something like that give me NULL in x in every row even if there was a lot of records in tab1. (more…)

What empty foreach do in PHP

While ago I was fighting with one bug. There was code witch was working, but stop working when I add empty foreach.
  1. //that work with rest of code
  2. function fun(){
  3. $table= array();
  4. //...
  5. return $table;
  6. }
  8. //that do not work with rest of code
  9. function fun(){
  10. $table= array();
  11. //...
  12. foreach( $table as $key => $val ){}
  13. return $table;
  14. }

Canvas – no more Flash

We all know Flash and Java. If you write webpage with it and if your users install it, then they can watch animation elements on your web page. But today I was playing with something new called "Canvas". (more…)

Softpedia certification

Few months ago I create program "Log Watcher" to observe logs of my webpage. I put it to sourceforge.net here so maybe somebody will also use it. In last week I recived emial with information that my program get Softpedia certification. (more…)

too big jquery-ui elements

Yesterday I was installing jquery-ui at one of my websites. When I do that as it was writen in instruction all jquery-ui elements was 2 times bigger. I search a while and find how it was solved in demos at jquery.com. That CSS code:
  1. body{ font: 62.5% "Trebuchet MS", sans-serif;}
  2. .demoHeaders { margin-top: 2em; }
  3. #dialog_link {padding: .4em 1em .4em 20px;text-decoration: none;position: relative;}
  4. #dialog_link span.ui-icon {margin: 0 5px 0 0;position: absolute;left: .2em;top: 50%;margin-top: -8px;}
  5. ul#icons {margin: 0; padding: 0;}
  6. ul#icons li {margin: 2px; position: relative; padding: 4px 0; cursor: pointer; float: left; list-style: none;}
  7. ul#icons span.ui-icon {float: left; margin: 0 4px;}
Unfortunatly that solution change (destroy) all layout of website. So here is step by step instuction how to do it correct. (more…)

First post

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This is first post at my blog. And with this very first post I offcialy open my blog. Soon I will add here few interesting projects and useful information.