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my own sin and cos implementation in C / C++

Here is my own implementation of sin and cos functions in C language. It's may be usedful if you want to compile very small exe file, without using standard libc.
  1. float cos(float x){
  2. if( x < 0.0f )
  3. x = -x;
  4. while( M_PI < x )
  5. x -= M_2_PI;
  6. return 1.0f - (x*x/2.0f)*( 1.0f - (x*x/12.0f) * ( 1.0f - (x*x/30.0f) * (1.0f - x*x/56.0f )));
  7. }
  9. float sin(float x){return cos(x-M_PI_2);}

how to compile 64KB exe in visual 2012 without CRT

CRT (C Run Time) is library installed with visual studio that is usually required by exe files created by visual studio.
If you just copy exe file to other computer it may not work. You need to install on other computer CRT.
So if you want to create 64KB intro for demoscene that don't need any aditional dll's then you need to go around it.

how to use 4klang 3.0.1

1. after you get 4kalng.h and 4klang.inc files from your music friend, copy them to 4klang_sources/3.0.1/
2. run in that directory command nasmw.exe -fwin32 -o "4klang.obj" 4klang.asm
3. File 4klang.obj copy to your Visual C++ project.
4. Go to project settings / Linker / Input / Additional Dependencies, and add 4klang.obj there.
5. Copy example *.cpp from 4klang examples to your main C++ file.